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Koshi Group's accomplishments in the design and manufacture of Romeo Ferraris's Cinquone race cars lends itself superbly to the automotive industry. We started with Fiat 500 in 2007s and made to build parts for ABARTH 500, Grande Punto, Punto EVO, Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Mito, to interior and exterior parts of many models of BMW, VW and PORSCHE.


We are obsessed with perfection therefore every part receives the same amount of care and attention. Whether using the autoclave, or press moulds, our parts are among the highest quality available.

Competitive Pricing

Koshi Group has competitive pricing regard to quality, product ensures the highest value for our customers.
The precision to our customer's order, is the reason why we have long-standing ones.
Making strong relationship with our customers, high quality products, fast response, competitive pricing, represent Koshi Group one of the bests in Europe.


Selling is not the case! But selling and standing behind your product ? That's the matter. Our customer care is available whenever customer's need is.



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